How To Care For Chapped Hands

The chapped hands are very common in people when they reach the cold months. We want to show you how to take care of your hands cracked by the cold so that you do not have to suffer.


Only with these simple instructions, you will be able to improve the appearance of chapped hands and not only that, but you will be more comfortable with them.


To treat chapped hands, we have to attack dry skin. This skin, which is excessively dry from the cold, breaks and is capable of bleeding when it is not treated properly. Therefore, we will focus on the dry skin of the hands.


Goodbye to hot water


Although it costs us the same life to wash our hands with cold water, it is a thousand times better to wash them with cold water, because they stimulate circulation than with hot water. It dries out the skin and can also irritate it.



When we exfoliate the hands’ skin, we eliminate those remnants of dry skin that have remained and which are the ones that accumulate and give it that coarse appearance. By removing these remains, we prepare the skin for a good treatment.


Gloves for going outside

After washing our hands, especially when we go out, we will apply a generous layer of moisturizer on the hands, and without letting it finish absorbing, we will put on the gloves. When we get to the office, home, or anywhere, when we take them off, they will be very smooth and hydrated.


Gloves for the night

If you want to keep your hands silky smooth, put a layer of intensive moisturizer on your hands, and put on thin non-synthetic fiber gloves. The next morning, they will be like new.


They are simple tricks and one of the most accessible that you will see to know how to take care of chapped hands. You can have smooth, soft, and firm skin on your hands, which you can look fearlessly and feel good inside and out.