What Damages Your Skin If You Don’t Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

After any vacation period, it is extremely expensive to return to normal life, and what was a normal day becomes a mountain almost impossible to climb. That adding to the fact that we have a greater number of daily obligations, leads us to get home really tired. The only thing we want to do is run to bed for the warmest pajamas we can find, and go to bed with a good book or remote control to watch a series and disconnect from the world in general. And for this reason, one of the first things that jump through the air on days when stress surpasses desire is makeup removal and skin cleaning routines.

Although it may seem silly, leaving makeup on the skin overnight has several consequences on the skin, ranging from the simplest redness or small grain to the appearance of intolerances or allergies to cosmetics. This occurs because, as experts explain, all kinds of particles from the environment accumulate throughout the day and the dead cells that the body releases during the night’s rest hours. Therefore, if a good daily cleaning is not carried out, these residues accumulate. They clog the pores of the skin, becoming an unnatural barrier for the body to expel harmful substances.

Consequences of not having a good make-up removal and skin cleaning routine

Even though hundreds of consequences removing the makeup at the end of the day may have, here we leave you with a list of the most recurring ones;

  • The appearance of acne. Makeup, plus all the particles that the skin accumulates throughout the day, end up forming a kind of film on the skin, preventing it from breathing properly, and clogging the pores, forming the appearance of annoying pimples.
  • Inflammation. When you abuse makeup and products with a high number of harmful substances, they do not allow the skin to act as a barrier from external agents, leading to inflammation and the appearance of scaly skin. One way to avoid this is to use safe cosmetics.
  • Premature aging. The environmental pollutants added to the makeup, if not removed in time, accumulate in the skin, filter into the pores, and end up breaking the elastin and collagen that give the skin a feeling of elasticity and youth.
  • Eyelash fragility. The eyes are an important point to consider to remove makeup; a specific product must be used to do it without damaging them. If they are not cleaned effectively, the eyelashes become brittle and may break.
  • The appearance of Styes and skin infections. These consequences are already more serious. The most fragile parts of the face (eyes and mouth) need special care and extra attention when removing makeup. If not done correctly, in addition to the pores, the glands around the eyes can become clogged, and styes can appear. Another important point is open wounds, such as cuts or pimples, so common in winter that they are the focus of infection.
  • The appearance of intolerances, dermatitis, and allergies. If the skin is not well cared for, cosmetics are abused and cleaned properly; this can lead to serious problems over time, such as intolerance or allergies to makeup components or dermatitis.

For all this, it is important to have a good daily makeup removal routine and accompany it with more specific cleaning and care from time to time; we must remember that we only have skin!